Plyometrics are quick, powerful movements designed to increase muscular power and help develop the ability to change gears and improve the athletes finishing kick.

Many coaches feel that these help to groove your stride and provide more pop (power) when you push off. Many of these exercises are done with a cocked (flexed) foot, and trains the foot to explode more during the take/push off phase of the gait cycle.

These can be used as a warm-up before races or hard workouts, since they get the muscles stimulated and the circulatory system flowing. They also aid in the development of core strength. Coach John Cook always referred to this development when he said his athletes really pop in their workouts or races.

Exercises such as bounding, hopping, jumping, planks with movement incorporated into them, and dynamic lunges are all excellent plyometric exercises to improve power and the ability to lift during the critical point in a race. Incorporating hurdles, mini hurdles, ropes and plyometric boxes also provides variety and different stimuli to strengthen gluteus muscles, hips, lower back and leg muscles for optimal performance.

Performing plyometric exercises 2-3 times each week is optimal. Our goal is to have the athletes perform 10-12 exercises/session and vary the exercises for each workout.

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