Mini Bands are 2" wide elastic bands that can stretch to about twice their length. The MB helps with injury prevention by developing and increasing mobility, flexibility, and strengthening the smaller muscle groups and connectors. They also help with balance, coordination, and stability. By increasing the rotational balance and agility, the runners develop more fluid movements and are less susceptible to injury.

Exercises are done with the bands placed around the feet, ankles or slightly above the knees. All of these are done targeting specific muscle groups or areas needing additional strength or flexibility. Distance runners in particular need to stay ahead of imbalances in the hip flexors due to the repetitive motion of running. All runners should have their own Mini Band to use for injury prevention. They are great for travelers, and for your easy training days.

Recommended to use at least 3-4 days, but for higher mileage and injury prone runners more frequent usage would be better.

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