Lexi Buonfiglio

GTD: You trained in the GTD XC program this past summer. Was this your first time training with Coach Braz?
Lexi: Summer 2015 was my first time training with Coach Braz. My friends Tia Paterson and Emily Weigand had done the program and had success, so it seemed like something I could benefit from. My mom also trained with Coach Braz last spring and encouraged me to sign up.

GTD: What did you expect from the program? Was it what you expected?
Lexi: I knew the program would challenge me by providing me with talented runners to train with. I think it is important to have people to push you over the summer months when you are away from your school team.

All of the girls in my group were amazing. Emily Weigand and I did all of our workouts together, and we made each other stronger every day. I also knew the program would help me work on my speed, core strength and flexibility. I benefited a lot from the plyometric sessions, medicine ball sessions, and hurdle drills. Core sessions with Coach Braz were brutal, but they were worth it.

GTD: As a college runner, you may have had a summer program from your college coach. How did you and Coach Braz make this work?
Lexi: Coach Braz took the time to look over my college coach's training program. He made sure I got everything done, but he also made adjustments to the GTD program when necessary. He was able to make those adjustments based on our frequent conversations about how I was feeling. This summer, he coached me to build a strong base while still maintaining my speed.

GTD: What was the most important thing you learned from the summer program?
Lexi: One thing that stuck with me after this summer was my memory of our last hill workout. We learned how to get up and over hills efficiently during races. I used what I learned at that practice in every single XC race this season.

GTD: Tell us about your fall xc season.
Lexi: This season I beat my best 6k time by 11 seconds (22:18), earned first team All-Conference for the NE-10, earned All-Region honors in the Northeast, and improved my place at NCAA D2 Nationals by 21.

GTD: Are you running winter and/or spring track?
Lexi: This winter I will run middle distances for Stonehill.

GTD: Have you decided on an academic focus (major)?
Lexi: I am an Education and Psychology double major.

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