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To sign up for the 2017 All-Sports Conditioning Program

1. Go to the sign-up form to register (send form via Internet or mail)
2. Go to program payments to submit payment via Internet (or mail payment with form)

When and Where

2 Weeks Offsite Prep
► June 26 -- July 9
5 Weeks Onsite Training Program
► July 10 -- August 13

Onsite Training Days
Monday + Wednesday + Friday
9:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Onsite Location:
Bishop Fenwick High School
99 Margin Street, Peabody, MA

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If you have any questions or would like to express interest in the program before registering, please send us an email.

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I Survived Braz Camp, 2013

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Going the Distance program lays foundation for local athletes

Matt Williams and The Salem News report on the North Shore Speed & Conditioning program.

North Shore Speed and Conditioning Staff

Program Director

Fernando Braz
Go to this page for information about Coach Braz.


Dave Smith

- GTD Director

Pat Mayo
- Peabody High Assistant track coach; sprint and technical coach
- GTD Speed & Conditioning coach (8 years)
- Football coach for 5 years
- 3-sport high school athlete (track, football, lacrosse)
- College Division 3 Lacrosse Athlete

Tom Holleran
- Peabody High Assistant track coach

AJ Grube
- Peabody High assistant track coach
- Jumped for Umass/Amherst

Nick Tambini
- GTD Coach (3 years)
- Bishop Fenwick assistant track coach
- Fundamentals of Coaching Track and Field Certified

Alex Bunal
- Peabody High assistant track volunteer coach
- 8 season runner at Peabody High, Co-Captained Winter & Spring senior year
- Pentathalon record holder at Peabody High

Dan Harris
- Peabody High assistant track coach (5 years)
- Educator at Peabody High School (over 10 years)
- Active runner

Ben Manoogian
- Current soccer player at Connecticut College
- Peabody High varsity captain in soccer and track and field
- Senior year was on 4xmile team that placed 2nd at New Balance Nationals

North Shore -- All Sports
Speed and Conditioning Program

The GTD All-Sports Conditioning Program prepares athletes for the fall competitive season.

The sessions include, but are not limited to, circuits, core, plyometrics, and endurance training.

Each athlete receives a weekly guideline of suggested training to execute on off-site days. This guideline supplements the athlete’s onsite, progressive training. In addition, it assures that participants who miss onsite sessions maintain the program’s progressive discipline and overall conditioning.

This program is available for elementary school (age 8 and up), middle school, high school, collegiate, and open athletes.

Note: Athletes running xc in the fall should register for the GTD cross-country program.


You may register online or at the field on Monday, July 10.

Program Fee: $150 per athlete.

Register by June 17 to receive the 2-week pre-program guideline that begins on June 27.

The goal of the pre-program is to prepare for the onsite sessions through aerobic training.

Frequently Asked Questions -- and Answers

Question -- Can someone miss time in the program and still participate?
Answer -- Yes. The program has the flexibility and ability to implement conditioning to those who aren't able to make the entire 5 weeks onsite. When you expect to miss a session (or a week), please tell Coach Braz so that you receive a conditioning model to stay on track with the program's fitness progression.
Note -- For some athletes, if not many, captain's practices may be on Tuesday and Thursday. If this is the case, the captain's practices will take precedence over the GTD workout for those days.

Question -- Will the program continue to offer conditioning during the non-supervised days?
Answer -- Absolutely. The program will continue to offer a weekly aerobic strength outline for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday. Sunday will be off.
For athletes who are serious and motivated, the GTD conditioning journey is 6 days a week!!!

Question -- Who do I pay? If I miss time, is the program pro-rated? Are refunds available?
Answer -- You may pay online at this link, with a check made out to GTD, or in cash. The fee is $150.
The program is not pro-rated. Participants who miss sessions or weeks receive conditioning models to stay on pace with the program.
Refunds are not available.


This is a progressive development program. The goal is to enhance the athlete’s fitness and conditioning for a successful fall season.

Through these sessions, athletes will improve their speed, quickness, balance, agility, form, endurance, sport-specific technique, and overall conditioning.

Conditioning is attained by the appropriate level of progressive work at pace and over distance.

Athletes will learn conditioning strategies for future training and continued development throughout their athletic sessions.







Sport specific technique

Program Director
Fernando Braz

Go to this page for information about Coach Braz.