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Merrimack Speed and Conditioning Staff

Program Director
Fernando Braz
Go to this page for information about Coach Braz.

Dave Smith -- GTD Director

Pat Mayo
- Peabody High Assistant track coach; sprint and technical coach
- GTD Speed & Conditioning coach (8 years)
- Football coach for 5 years
- 3-sport high school athlete (track, football, lacrosse)
- College Division 3 Lacrosse Athlete

Colette Madore
- Central Catholic cross-country coach; indoor/outdoor distance coach
- cross-country coaching since 2003; track coach since 2011
- named Cross-Country Coach of the Year for 2016 by Lawrence Eagle-Tribune
- competitive runner for many years; completed 9 marathons

Theresa Connolly
- GTD Speed & Conditioning Coach (4 years)
- 12-season runner at Central Catholic High School, Co-captained cross country senior year
- Completed 3 seasons of Cross Country at Bridgewater State University, Captained the Fall 2015 and Fall 2016 seasons
- Ran 4 seasons of middle distance track at Bridgewater State University, Co-Captained the 2015-2016 team
- Part of both indoor and outdoor 4x800 records at Bridgewater State, earned All-ECAC, All D-3 New England, All-Conference, and Conference Champion accolades

Merrimack -- All-Sports
Speed and Conditioning Program

The GTD All-Sports Conditioning Program prepares athletes for the fall competitive season.

For younger athletes, it provides a guided and safe physical workout that serves as an introduction to the athletic experience.

The program is designed for athletes of all ages through high school.

Athletes are grouped by age and guided each week by coaches through a variety of drills that focus on the program’s objectives.

The sessions include, but are not limited to, circuits, core, plyometrics, and endurance training. All drills are designed to maximize the ability and potential of each age group, from the youngest through a challenging program for high school athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions -- and Answers

Question -- Can someone miss time in the program and still participate?
Answer -- Yes. The program has the flexibility and ability to implement conditioning to those who aren't able to make the entire 10 weeks. When you expect to miss a session, please tell the coach so that your program can be adjusted if needed.


This is a progressive development program. The goal is to enhance the athlete’s fitness and conditioning for a successful fall season.

Through these sessions, athletes will improve their speed, quickness, balance, agility, form, endurance, sport-specific technique, and overall conditioning.

Conditioning is attained by the appropriate level of progressive work at pace and over distance.

Athletes will learn conditioning strategies for future training and continued development throughout their athletic sessions.







Sport specific technique