Sarah Buckley

[After graduating from Peabody HS in May, Sarah headed to Boston College to study nursing. She was the salutatorian of her graduating class. In her graduation speech she said "I don't believe that I am by any means the second smartest person here wearing a graduation cap. Our intelligence as a class cannot be confined to just our GPAs, and you guys have truly exemplified that and humbled me with your brilliance and capacity beyond the textbook."

Sarah won the Moynihan Lumber athlete of the year award for 2018, and the Marie Curtis Barry Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Character, and Athletics. She earned scholarships and multiple awards that recognized her hard work and accomplishments, mainly in math, science, and athletics.

She was a three-sport varsity athlete - soccer, ice hockey, lacrosse - and was captain of her hockey and lacrosse teams, with both qualifying for the state tournament in her senior year.

Academically accomplished? Check.
Athletically gifted? Check.
Knowing that both are meaningless without hard work? Double check.
See the quote above from her salutatorian speech, and read her comments on Braz Camp below.]

GTD: Sarah, how many summers have you trained in Coach Braz's program? What got you started doing it?
Sarah: I have trained at Braz Camp for about eight years I would say. I started (I believe) when I was heading into middle school, and did so because I was beginning to join sports teams that were becoming increasingly competitive, so I wanted to become a better athlete in order to succeed at the next level.

GTD: You played soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse. How did the program help you?
Sarah: Whenever my season begins, whether it is soccer, hockey or lacrosse, I can feel the results of summer training. Each drill for the all sports camp has a specific purpose for aspects of all sports; for example, Fireworks (alternating acceleration and deceleration) prove to be essential in all three of my sports. I can feel the explosive power I gain from camp in game situations, whether it's changing speed in soccer, or stopping and going in hockey. Doing ladders helps with agility, and we do core almost every day to enhance our balance.

The all sports camp introduces new drills every day to build on the skills and conditioning and work up endurance. One of the most obvious benefits I have found from doing the camp is my endurance.

I find that I can go for increasingly longer times without getting as fatigued and "flat" so to speak.

GTD: Will you be playing a sport in college?
Sarah: Although I am not playing a varsity sport at college, I plan to play club hockey and possibly lacrosse as well. I mainly did the camp to stay in shape going into college given that club sports are still very competitive.

Doing the camp is extremely rewarding; it builds up physical and mental strength, and keeps me healthy, so I decided to do the camp for those benefits as well. I all around like to challenge myself and try to become the best athlete I can.

GTD: How do you keep your focus during the drills?
Sarah: I keep my focus during the drills in a number of different ways. If I am doing a drill and begin to feel myself become tired, I like to picture a game situation and how I will benefit by continuing to push myself.

The coaches always ask us during especially tough drills if we want to play in the fourth quarter of a tie game, or sit on the bench. That mantra has always stuck with me and pushed me to give 100%.

I am extremely competitive (sometimes my friends tell me I am too competitive haha) so imagining an intense game situation leads me to tell myself that if I do not finish the drill and push myself harder, my team will lose the game. I kind of try to make myself angry at the thought of losing (because there's nothing more I hate than losing) in order to keep myself going no matter how tired I am. Other times, like during core for example, I try to put my mind in another place. Core is almost completely mental, so I try to imagine myself sitting on a beach or in a cold pool or something silly that helps distract me from the physical pain I am feeling.

GTD: Are there any drills you love? Do not love at all? Why?
Sarah: My favorite drills at camp are probably hills and fireworks. Although I do not necessarily enjoy them in the moment, the benefits of each one is very evident when it applies to actual game situations. For example, running up and down hills builds up lower body strength, and when in season, I can feel the strength in my legs, whether it is cutting and stopping quickly in hockey, or enhancing an explosive stride to build up my speed on the ice. Fireworks proves to be very beneficial for almost all sports, because it teaches how to change pace quickly.

GTD: How do you handle nutrition on Brazcamp mornings?. It's the heat of summer, you're starting at 9am and you have 90 intense minutes of work.
Sarah: Usually I will have something light before going to camp, such as a banana or granola bar. I make sure to hydrate the night before and morning of each session as well. After camp I almost always have a protein smoothie to build up the muscles that I just worked so hard. I also drink gatorade to replenish my electrolytes, and try to stay hydrated as much as possible all the time in general.

GTD: Long range plans after college?
Sarah: After college, I plan to work as a nurse for a while (it has been a prominent goal of mine for years), then I hope to possibly go to grad school to become a Physician Assistant someday.

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