Rose Kiley

[Rose Kiley was 3 years old when she joined her older sisters, Grace and Molly, in the GTD conditioning program on Monday evenings in Andover. On the registration form, we ask for the "primary" sport of each athlete. Rose's mom wrote down "hopscotch."

After 7 years in the Andover program, Rose switched to the GTD Peabody program, and by then her primary sports were ice hockey and lacrosse.

Rose is in 8th grade at the Doherty Middle School in Andover. She plays hockey with the North Suburban Wings Hockey Club and lacrosse with Home Grown Lacrosse (HGR Lacrosse, North Andover). Hockey goes from September-to April and lacrosse April to November.

GTD: Rose, at age 13 you just finished your 11th summer with Coach Braz's GTD conditioning program. What was it like in the first few years?
Rose: The first few years were all about just having fun and keeping little kids active. Since I was three I didn't have any sports goals yet, so it was basically just relay races and games.

GTD: After 7 summers in the GTD Monday evening program in Andover, you switched at age 10 to the 3 mornings per week program in Peabody. The Monday evening program was 75 minutes once a week. The Peabody program is 90 minutes 3 times a week. Aside from the length of the Peabody sessions and more of them, what are the differences?
Rose: The difference between the two programs was definitely the environment. In Peabody there were more kids doing it, so more people to push me to do my best. Also what the workouts consisted of was different. Since we were there more we get to do harder workouts. In Andover we really only stayed on the turf, but in the Peabody program, we go out around the fields, to the hills and the bleachers.

GTD: You're a competitive ice hockey and lacrosse player. Tell us how the program helps you in those sports.
Rose: The program helps me in all different ways, drills like ladders and sprints get me prepared for hockey and short stuff, but the length of the sessions and working the whole time help me with my all around stamina for lacrosse.

GTD: How do you keep your focus during the drills?
Rose: I keep my focus during sessions by keeping my sports goals in mind. If I start to get distracted I try to remember why I'm doing this and why I need to work hard all the time, so I can get better.

GTD: Are there any drills you love?
Rose: I really like bleachers and hills, because it makes it clear to see if you're trying or not.

GTD: The GTD program is all about sports conditioning. Do you do anything hockey-specific or lacrosse-specific in the summer?
Rose: In the summer I do club lacrosse at Homegrown and I do a power skating hockey camp every summer and various clinics.

GTD: How would you describe the program to a teammate who has never heard of Braz Camp?
Rose: I would describe the program as a trust the process camp. When you are doing it, you are working really hard, and getting pushed even harder, but in the end, you are in an amazing shape for your upcoming sports season.

GTD: What's ahead for the fall season? Besides school!
Rose: In the fall I am doing hockey and a fall lacrosse league.

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