Nicole Ruggiero

[Nicole graduated from Peabody HS in May and headed to Lasell College where she'll play soccer and run track. She played soccer and ran track for four years at Peabody.

She writes that "sports have always been a huge part of my life, both watching and playing. Going the Distance camp is the best decision I have ever made, helping me in both my high school and college sports. The staff is fantastic and really helps you with individual strengths and weaknesses, which has made me love the camp even more!"]

GTD: Nicole, how many summers have you trained in Coach Braz's program?

Nicole: I have been doing Coach Braz's summer program for 8 years, starting when I was 10 years old..

GTD: How does the program help you?

Nicole: It keeps me in shape for the summer and helps me prepare for the soccer season with drills that help with speed, agility, endurance, and some weightlifting/core work after.

GTD: How do you keep your focus during the drills?

Nicole: I imagine game-like situations like racing for a ball and also just power through to the next break or station.

GTD: Are there any drills you love? Do not love at all? Why?

Nicole: I like them all, especially the agility ladders and minihurdles, each drill unique to special muscle groups and different parts of the body.

GTD: How do you handle nutrition on Brazcamp mornings?. It's the heat of summer, you're starting at 9am and you 90 intense minutes of work.

Nicole: I drink lots of water the day before Braz camp and eat very light before going to camp. I always eat after camp, also drinking water and other things that help me recover from intense training.

GTD: Do you plan to play a sport in college?

Nicole: Yes, I am playing soccer as well as running track.

GTD: Do you know yet what you'll focus on in college? A major? Long range plans after college?

Nicole: Exercise Science Major, going into Occupational Therapy, get a master's degree, and working at Boston Children's Hospital.

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