McKayla Fisher

[Athletes learn quickly that there's no bad weather, only poor preparation for the weather that is. And there IS time for that workout, but you may need to wake up earlier.

McKayla Fisher and GTD re-discovered the NO EXCUSES motto early in the summer of 2021.

Thanks to McKayla's initiative and Coach Braz's energy, we have a new program -- Early Braz Camp for athletes who have other commitments during regular camp time.

And if you imagine "early" camp is "easy" camp, check the photos.

GTD: What sports do you play and how many summers have you done Braz Camp?
McKayla: This fall I'm in my senior year at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School, playing soccer, winter track, and lacrosse. I believe that this summer was my 6th year at Braz Camp, and will definitely not be my last.

mini-hurdles and -- of course -- many sessions on the bleacher steps

GTD: What happened to your schedule this summer?
McKayla: My typical summer involves alternating days of Braz Camp and soccer captains practices, although this summer I spent 6 weeks as an intern at Boston Children's Hospital. The job was 5 days a week (online due to COVID-19), from 9 am - 3 pm, which clearly disrupted my attendance at Braz Camp that begins at 9 am as well.

When Coach Braz saw that I had not signed up for camp, he called me instantly. We discussed alternatives to Braz Camp, such as sending me workouts to do on my own after work. I mentioned to him that I was waking up at 7 am every day to run before work, and he suggested that I come to the high school to do it. He told me that he arrives at 6:45 to set up for Cross Country, and told me that I could come at 6:30 to warm up before he got there.

ok, explain it to me again . . . . and show me

GTD: Tell us about how your Braz Camp summer went.
McKayla: This was very ideal for me because I was able to get in a great workout, and still be at work on time.

After the first week, I was joined by Nicole and Deanna Ruggiero, who ran into the same issue with their internships.

Braz Camp is always essential for the preparation for our upcoming fall soccer season, which was great when Coach was able to give us the opportunity to fit it into our schedule.

We would arrive between 6:30-6:45 am and would be sent our workouts from Coach Braz prior to arriving. The twins and I would warm up when we got there, and Coach was there to help guide/push us through workouts.


A few times I had to arrive at 5:30 due to earlier meetings, where I would drag along Paulina Straticos, a former track runner who graduated last year.

Despite my crazy schedule, Coach Braz was always able to provide me with the best conditioning that there is to offer, and I could not thank him enough for it.

Early Braz Camp became a Destination, maybe not Aruba, but a great workout. McKayla, Hailee Lomsney, Amber Kiricoples, Bridget O'Connell, Deanna Ruggiero (sister Nicole was already off to work)

A final thumbs up, and looking forward to next summer.

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