About Going the Distance (GTD)

After serving as a club coach for 17 years, Fernando Braz launched Going the Distance (GTD) in January of 2009.

GTD is a coaching service for runners who want to improve their running at any level, for cross-country runners who want a highly focused summer conditioning program, and for athletes in all sports who want a summer conditioning program.

For runners, GTD provides year-round coaching for all levels.


Dave Smith, Director and Webmaster

Dave has trained with Fernando since 1992 and claims to have done all of Fernando's weekly track workouts since then. That's over 1000 workouts, and each one has been different.

Unfortunately for Dave, his "racing career" in the 80s was pre-Braz and he missed the chance to train wisely with Coach Braz -- a chance you all have.

On the other hand, training with Fernando at a post-PR stage of life opens a brilliant window to keep running well for a lifetime.

In the late fall of 2008, Dave worked with Fernando to set up the Going the Distance coaching service, and it was launched in January, 2009. Since then, GTD has coached 1000s runners and scholastic athletes.

Dave manages the GTD website and various business and communications functions within GTD. He talks with Fernando most often at 6:55 in the morning.

Dave randomly blogs at:
On the Road.
He can be reached by email at dave@liveandrun.com.

Fernando Braz, Head Coach

For information about Fernando, see About Fernando Braz.

Cross-Country Staff

All-Sports Staff